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Submitted on
November 11, 2009
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1. Call Sasori's puppets dolls

2. Mock Deidara

3. Say that Sasori's art is better

4. Keep telling Kisame that you ate his family

5. Poke Pein

6. Call Konan a paper doll

7. Steal Hidan's scythe

8. Keep buying stuff with Kakuzu's money

9. Kill Zetsu's brethren (a.k.a. the garden)

10. Tell Tobi he's a bad boy

11. Call Itachi a weasel

12. Say that Sasori's your life-sized doll

13. Call Kisame your next meal

14. Say that Zetsu's a mutant-thingy

15. Call Kakuzu Scrooge

16. Steal all of Hidan's religious stuff

17.Call Hidan a religious freak

18. Use ALL of Kakuzu's money on useless things

19. Play with Sasori's puppets

20. Use Deidara's clay as batons

21. Blow up Sasori's puppets with Deidara's clay and blame Deidara

22. Put up yaoi fanfics of everyone witheach other

23. Try to blow up Konan

24. Steal Tobi's mask

25. Steal Kisame's sword

26. Call Itachi weak

27. Insult the Sharingan

28. Say that Sasuke's hotter/cooler/smarter/stronger than Itachi

29. Tell Kisame that you ate his mom

30. Tell Zetsu that you sprayed his mom with weed killer

31. Try turning Itachi into a weasel

32. Name him Mr. Cuddles (whether it worked or not)

33. Set Konan on fire

34. Tell Pein that Orochimaru's organization will rule the world

35. Tell him that you'll rule the world

36. Say that Naruto (a.k.a. the Kyuubi kid) is too smart for them

37.Call them Homo's

38. Say that they're all gay

39. Give Zetsu a human to eat with plant killer in their blood

40. Call Pein an angsty kid

41. Call him by his real name (Nagato)

42. Go nutso and destroy the base

43. Switch Deidara's and Sasori's room decorations

44. Get rid of all Hidan's evil killing stuff

45. Call Deidara a girl

46. Call Itachi old

47. Say that he's worthless

48. Say that he's not fit to be an Uchiha

49. Reveal Tobi's true identity (Madara Uchiha)

50. Call all Uchiha's weak in front of him and Itachi

51. Blow up all the bases using Deidara's clay

52. Blame Deidara for it

53. Break Sasori's puppets with Hidan's scythe

54. Blame Hidan for it

55. Destroy the things they need for extraction rituals

56. Give the Jinchuuriki ultimate weapons against them

57. Bring the Jinchuuriki and Demons together to raid base

58. Blame Tobi

59. Go around acting like Pein for a day

60. Keep poking everyone for one day

61. Mock each for a day

62. Build something out of all their weapons and say it's art

63. Blow it up

64. Waste electricity (Bigger bill)

65. Scream bloody murder for no reason and then pinch all of them when they come running

66. Try to flirt with everyone (EVEN Konan)

67. Call them freaks

68. Call them weak

69. Call them worthless

70. Call them pathetic

71. Talk down to them

72. Treat them like little kids

73. Act like you're their mom

74. Call them embarrassing nicknames that you dug up (ex. Itachi = Ita-chan)
75. Tell Kisame that you found a long lost relative and hold up a fossil of a fishy

76. Tell Zetsu the same thing but hold up a fossilized plant

77. Get a weasel and introduce him to Itachi as his cousin

78. Bring Sasuke in to attack Itachi when he's taking a bubbly bath

79. Plug up Kisame's gills while he's asleep

80. Try to kill Hidan with his own scythe

81. Lock them each in a room with Tobi clones

82. Get Genin to kick their butts

83. Use all the organization's money at an arcade

84. Blame it on Itachi and Kisame

85. Pull pranks on each and every person

86. Tell Konan she's ugly and made of paper

87. Tell Pein that he's a useless as shit leader

88. Tell Itachi that he's the most worthless excuse for an Uchiha you've ever seen

89. TellKisame that he's the most worthless excuse for a fishyou've ever seen

90. TellZetsu that he's the most worthless excuse for a plant you've ever seen

91. Tell Deidara that he's the most worthless excuse for aguy you've ever seen

92. TellSasori that he's the most worthless excuse for apuppet you've ever seen

93. Tell Hidan that Jashin hates him

94. Tell Kakuzu that the money he has is all that's left in the entire world

95. Say random things at the most inappropriate times

96. Call every guy for one week your 'snuggle-bug' in a loving way

97. Pretend cry and say that your little ones have finally grown up

98. Steal all their cloaks

99. Steal their rings

100. Steal their hats

101. Show them this list!
XDDDDDD i could see some things happening
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cream--cheese Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
i can 2
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so little time
...and so little possiblity of me being able to...oh well XD so many funny things.....awesome list! :D
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82 was Naruto ^^
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if they were real i would soo do this to them while cracking up laughing i would also drie their hairs pink or rainbow
The-Satsu-Monster Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student General Artist
You very much like to destroy things, don't u? XD
Jean-Sabaku Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
I can see myself killing myself by accident if I stole Hidan's scythe.... So I'm just gonna be mean to Tobi :)
RikaxDeidara Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
i would do all of these to them XD
pinwheelofzetsu Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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